Milan Ganai

I am a first-year MS student in UC San Diego Computer Science & Engineering Department. I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2020-2023) at UC San Diego. I am advised by Professor Sicun Gao and collaborate with Professor Sylvia Herbert's Safe Autonomous Systems Lab. My interests are in Robotics, Control, Optimization, and Reinforcement Learning.

Contact: mganai at ucsd dot edu

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Iterative Reachability Estimation for Safe Reinforcement Learning
Milan Ganai, Zheng Gong, Chenning Yu, Sylvia Herbert, and Sicun Gao
NeurIPS 2023 (Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems)
paper | openreview | code | website

Hamilton-Jacobi reachability estimation for model-free safe RL in deterministic and stochastic environments with safety guarantees and convergence analysis. Tasks include lidar-based observations, dynamic obstacles, and multiple hard and soft constraints.

Learning Stabilization Control from Observations by Learning Lyapunov-like Proxy Models
Milan Ganai, Chiaki Hirayama, Ya-Chien Chang, and Sicun Gao
ICRA 2023 (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation)
paper | IEEE | website

Learning Lyapunov-like models offline from observation-only, expert data to solve stabilization control tasks online. Deployed in hardware for robustness testing.

Target-independent XLA optimization using Reinforcement Learning
Milan Ganai, Haichen Li, Theodore Enns, Yida Wang, and Randy Huang
ML for Systems @ NeurIPS 2022 (Workshop on ML for Systems in Neural Information Processing Systems)
paper | website

Reinforcement Learning to determine XLA compiler optimization pass ordering to reduce GPT-2, BERT, and ResNet graph sizes.

Identifying Merged Tracks in Dense Environments with Machine Learning
Patrick McCormack, Milan Ganai, Ben Nachman, and Maurice Garcia-Sciveres
CTD/WIT 2019 (Connecting the Dots / Workshop on Intelligent Trackers)

Building boosted decision trees to classify reconstructed particle tracks as merged in high density particle physics environments.

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Conference Reviewer: ICRA 2023, L4DC 2024, ICML 2024

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